Why Shooting Your Own Video May be the Worst Idea You’ve Ever Had

Toronto Video Production Services

Professionalism is the key to any business and can be enhanced by using Toronto’s best video production services. Video services allow you to create promotional material that sets you above the crowd.

It can be tempting, particularly with the ease of access to video technology, to undertake these projects on your own. However, doing so runs the risk of undermining the very reason for creating a promotional video. There is much more to video production than being able to hold the camera and point the right end at the subject.

Video is About More Than Just an Image

When creating a video, it is tempting to concentrate solely on creating the visual image. Shots of your happy, productive staff and modern premises can only tell potential customers and investors so much. At some point, you will need to be able to explain elements of your business.

This may include describing how your production line works, telling a bit about your invoice and delivery systems, or explaining how you invest in the local environment. Captions and text can, of course, be used to achieve this, but this approach is highly impersonal. Speaking directly to the intended audience involves just that, speaking. By incorporating speech, you are able to put across your personality and a level of sincerity that is not possible in image or text.

However, if the sound quality is poor, your message will be lost, leading the viewers of the promotional video to think:

  • The video has been rushed – are your products rushed?
  • The quality is poor – is your service the same?
  • It has been done cheaply – where is any investment spent?
  • You cannot hear the words – are you trying to hide something?

Toronto Video Production Services2

Using Toronto’s  Best Video Production Services Saves Money

There are several reasons why you may be considering making your own promotional video. One of the major considerations is most likely to be the cost. You probably think that doing it yourself will save your company money. However, the opposite is true. Consider for a moment what you will need to do in order to achieve your desired aim:

  • Buy or hire a video camera and sound equipment
  • Find or hire someone to write / script / direct your video
  • Take the staff away from their usual tasks to assist
  • Purchase / source appropriate software to edit your video
  • Cover any potential loss or damage to any of the above equipment
  • Repeat most of the above until you have the desired effect

Alternatively you can hire a professional company that has the equipment and experience. By doing this, you are ensuring that:

  • The equipment will be of good quality
  • Those handling the equipment will be experienced
  • You will be supported through the whole process
  • You will know the costs from the outset
  • You can work the costs into your budget
  • You are guaranteed a professionally finished video

And Saves Time

Creating a promotional video sounds simple. You video your staff at work, create a speech about how great your company is and upload the video. All that is left is to share it over a range of appropriate media streams and watch the additional customers and money pour in. Unfortunately, there is a huge gap between this vision and the reality of creating a professional video.

There are many things that could take a great deal longer than you expect. The old adage ‘if it can go wrong, it will go wrong’ also needs to be kept in mind. Just some of the elements that could cost you time are:Toronto Video Production Services3

  • Learning how to use the video and sound equipment
  • Understanding how to shoot in different lights
  • Getting the sound right
  • Getting staff to take part (managing is very different from directing)
  • Shooting the video correctly
  • Learning to use software
  • Editing the video properly

These elements are taken out of your hands when you choose to use a professional and experienced video production company. The whole process is handled by them from beginning to end. You are able to see the results for yourself and know that the time and money have been well spent.

Putting professionalism first

Above all, it is important that your finished video reflects the level of professionalism of your entire company. It is all too easy for you to miss important aspects of your business because you are involved in it on a daily basis.

However, bringing in a professional means that they are looking at your business with fresh eyes. They will see elements of outstanding working practice that you may now take for granted. Similarly, they may see the tiny mistakes that are best not included in your video. All in all, using video production services ensures professionalism, high quality of the finished product, and an excellent use of your time and money with unmatched return on your initial investment.

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