Adam Revesz – The Owner & Wearer of Hats’a’plenty

Adam Revesz (Producer, Director, DOP, Editor): After almost a decade of performing on stage and screen Adam started One Inch Punch Productions Inc. while back in school (yet again) for film.  His student short film was nominated for Best Film at Ryerson and was sold to Ouat Media 3 years later.  The first company job was shooting a dance recital and he has since gone on to shoot concerts for name musical artists, interviews with many celebrities, music sessions and web series’ for CBC and Astral Radio, DOP (with Mike Carry) for the reality show ‘Compete to Eat’ on Cottage Life Network and Food Network (USA).  As president and executive producer for OIPP not only has he produced over a thousand video productions for major corporate brands, but he has also worked in the trenches with small businesses, doing all the dirty work so every business has a fair shake at the jackpot.  Other fun things Adam has done is co-produce/direct a feature film, win a couple of awards for short films, written a commissioned screenplay and worked the Red Carpet at TIFF for the last few years.  Adam spends his ‘spare’ time writing movies, hanging with the family and travelling (for both work and pleasure) as much as possible.

Mike Carry – The Stellar Producer/Director of Photography/Camera Operator

Mike Carry (Director of Photography/Camera Operator): Mike Carry began his career in the film and television industry at the early age of 15 when he secured the acting role of Simon Dexter on the award winning television show Degrassi Junior High.  When the  Degrasssi series came to an end, he immediately jumped behind the camera as a lighting and grip technician. For the next 10 years Mike worked on everything from commercials, to feature films, to music videos and television series acquiring a well-rounded understanding of the business. In 1996 Mike shot, produced and co-directed Good Ice, an exploration of Canada’s ice fishing communities. This documentary aired all across Canada to rave revues! After this experience Mike decided to focus his skills primarily on shooting.
He worked as camera assistant for many of Canada’s top cameramen and spent the next several years traveling the world learning the art of shooting. After a few years, Mike was confident to take on the role of director of photography. He has been the primary shooter for many projects including the acclaimed show Red Carpet Diary which has covered the Toronto film festival for the last 8 years; director of photography at CBC Music, director of photography on the hit Cottage Life show Compete to Eat and many more.

Lucy Morra-Pedersen – The Freelance Copywriter/Brand Expert/Producer

Lucy Morra-Pedersen  is a freelance Media/Broadcast Specialist, with over 23 years of experience in the business.  The largest part of Lucy’s career was spent as Creative Director of CTV and CTV Two.  She found herself a key player in the rebranding of CTV and CTV Two’s on-air look.  She was also at the forefront of launching some of the highest rated television shows in the nation, including The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, American Idol, the CSI Franchise, Corner Gas, Flashpoint and the highlight of her career: an integral part of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic bid and broadcast.  In working on the Olympics, not only was Lucy able to flex her creative muscle, she was tasked along with her talented team to make the “Believe” Olympic song #1 on the charts before the Opening Ceremonies, and nailed it.  In the last year and a half, Lucy has been working in a freelance capacity, ever expanding her audience reach.  Lucy’s work has not only continued to spread across the country but has also crossed the border into the United States, and expanded oversees to countries abroad.

Geraldine Bernard – The Post-Production Side

Geraldine (editor/assistant editor) has been working with OIPP for 3 years.  Having come from a background of computer and software coding she picked up the technical side of editing with ease.  While learning the editing techniques from Adam Revesz she did a lot of the ingesting of footage; organizing and preparing of video clips and moved onto also doing assemblies, rough cuts, client screeners and visual effects and graphics.  She has worked with such clients as Staples, Shoppers Drug Mart, CBC, Astral Radio and Unilever.  Geraldine is from France so her French has been a big asset to OIPP and helping clients with any bilingual requests.

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