Webcasting, also known as live streaming, can do all those things… ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Live streaming is soon going to be the new norm, so the time to strike is now. I mean, you’ve seen it everywhere right?  Instagram stories, Facebook live, YouTube live, Periscope… and maybe you’ve been to an event and seen multiple cameras streaming the content… it’s everywhere!

You can:

  • interact directly with potential clients
  • sell to multiple people at the same time
  • become the authority in your business niche

It has a fantastic ROI.  That’s why everyone’s doing it!

Set up for an in studio webcast


When you finally decide that you HAVE to do webcasting to stay competitive… what quality best represents you?  Does grainy, poorly lit, shaky video and scratchy audio best represent your brand?  Is that how you want the world and potential clients to see you?  Not very authoritative or professional.

Not to mention the technical aspects of what kind of camera and audio to use, how much bandwidth you need, desired upload speeds, ever changing Facebook log on formula (and it’s a formula!) and all that ‘tech stuff’.

Now what if your webcast was beautifully lit with commercial quality imagery?  You even have some graphics and texts running on screen to really make it look polished.  And your voice actually moves in sync with your lips as you talk to your audience?

That’s where we come in.

You don’t have to worry about any of it!  That’s why we get hired.  So you can focus on your business, message and clients.


Who do you want to produce your live stream?  How about someone who:

  • gets hired by other production companies to run their webcasting gigs
  • has produced multiple live streams from the YouTube Space Toronto, for the Canadian Media Producers Association, Startoon and a super YouTuber among others
  • has worked on multi-camera CBC live streams and more
  • has over 14 years experience in the corporate video sector and broadcast television
  • can not only run that live stream, but bring creative ideas to the table to take it to the next level
  • can scale production from a single camera webcast in an office to a multi-camera event with pre-produced videos, graphics, titles, PPT decks, etc.
  • uses professionals through and through to ensure success every time
  • can actually make this stressful event… fun!


Here is an example of a fun (and complicated) live stream we did with Startoon (our 2nd one for them) at the YouTube Space in Toronto.  It was a 4 camera shoot that included:

  • pre-produced video to run
  • graphic overlay elements,
  • Skype connections to people across the country
  • audio for 4 people and one puppet
  • an audience cam
  • Lighting and set dec

We not only had to handle all the live switching between cameras, graphics, videos and Skype callers, but we had to juggle what was going out to the stream and what was playing to the in-house screen for the live audience.  It took impeccable timing and a great team effort.  My crew is awesome!


To make it a bit easier I’ve created 3 packages to get you started.

*all webcasting packages can be upgraded, downgraded and side graded to suit your needs


Half day, 1 – 2 people on camera

  • 1 operator
  • 1 pro HD camera w/ accessories
  • encoders, cabling
  • audio
  • lighting
  • computer w/ streaming software, encoder

TWO PUNCH – The Jab & Hook

Half day, 1 – 2 people on camera

  • 1 camera operator
  • 1 Technical Director/switcher
  • 2 pro HD cameras w/ accessories
  • tripods, slider
  • cabling, encoders
  • audio
  • lighting
  • computer w/ switching & streaming software


Full multi-camera production, pre-light/set-up day, up to 6 people on camera

  • Pre-production (up to 4 hours)
  • Pre-light/set up day
  • 2 camera ops
  • 1 Technical Director/Switcher
  • Production Assistants x 2
  • 4 Cameras
  • 4 camera encoder/switcher
  • Lighting
  • tripods, sliders
  • Cabling
  • Audio guy w/ gear (for 6)
  • extra monitors

CONTACT US for pricing and options.  Just fill in the form on the right and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

It’s free and easy to talk with us about your options and see if we’re a good fit to work together.




One Inch Punch Productions has captured and edited over 50 live, multi-camera events such as concerts, corporate events and conferences.  We work with your communications department from the beginning to ensure we have great camera placement, access to clean audio, good stage lighting and no surprises happen on the day.  We can even live stream it for you!

If you need more than the stage covered at your event or conference, we do that too.  Our team of video pros will cover the whole conference from break out sessions, general meetings, awards shows and trade shows to capturing testimonials, interviews, beautiful Broll and anything else you need included.  We can then take the footage and edit it into an exciting highlight or reprise video.  We can even do same day turn around if you want.  We’ve created highlight videos for week long conferences for Microsoft, Unilever, Brandt, Cara Foods and many more.  We really like going to exotic places for those incentive trips, by the way.

So basically, we can take care of a one camera shoot for those on a budget to big budget, multi-cam shows with jibs, dollies, live switching or whatever your needs entail.

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