Corporate Video Production Services In Toronto – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Corporate Video Production Services in Toronto

Corporate Video Production Services in TorontoThe way people connect, reach out, and interact with other’s have changed significantly over the years. From your daily social life to your business interactions, communication is simply changing and morphing. The advent of, first, the television and then the internet has sped that metamorphosis along. The internet, in particular, has changed the way people look at interactions and what they expect from their contacts.

Corporate video production services in Toronto is a growing field; it is a growing field for good reason. The use of corporate videos are on the rise, and many companies are beginning to understand that investing in video, whether it is for employee training, marketing of a product, or the creation of brand loyalty, is an effective, efficient and strategic way to reach their desired audience. After all, consumers and business people expect a visual component to their day-to-day interactions. It simply has become a part of life, so adding corporate videos to entire sales or invite conversation is simply good business sense.

Uses of Corporate Videos

When most people think of “corporate videos”, they instantly think of cheesy infomercials and similar promo videos. While those have their place in the video world, they aren’t exactly corporate videos.  Corporate videos are used for a myriad of different reasons, and they come in several different styles, lengths and types. Corporate videos may be used for;

Recruiting new employees – when a company is growing, they often need to recruit new employees, but to cut down on the energy expended on recruiting individuals, a corporate recruitment video can target the exact type of candidates the company needs. Whether the goal is to recruit those directly out of college, or find experts in a particular field, corporate videos are one, rather effective and efficient, way to draw those potential employees in.

Promoting the company to current employees – Corporate videos are also used to keep current employees informed and interested. According to recent statistics, training new employees costs a lot. Because of this, many companies aim at keeping the employees they have on hand. A high turnover rate can spell doom for a company. Because of this, promoting a positive corporate culture is important and corporate videos are one way to go about it.

Employee training  employee training is also a costly endeavor for businesses, but one efficient way to keep employee training costs down is to utilize corporate video production services in Toronto. Corporate videos can be used to create training modules that employees can view, at their leisure, so everyone is informed about policies, procedures and strategies. They can be used to teach employees about safety in the work place, sales strategies and so much more.

Marketing of products – These videos are often used in a corporate setting to close a sale that has reached the end stages. They are also used to promote the product currently being sold by the company. They can be utilized at any point in the sales cycle, but it has been found that they are most effective towards the end of a sales pitch. In short, it is a tidy and efficient way to highlight all of the points already spoken about by a sales representative.

Brand development – along the same lines as marketing videos, brand development videos aim at creating an entire brand around the products or services being offered. Webcasts and video podcasts can help to create such brand awareness.

The Benefits of Corporate Video Production

It can be argued that the majority of businesses, whether small businesses or large multi-national companies, can benefit from the use of corporate videos. In fact, it can be argued that corporate video is the next wave, especially as social media ramps up. So, what benefits can a business expect from corporate videos?

Increased product awareness – The only way to get consumers and other businesses to know and love your product or services, is to show them what is so special about it. The creation of corporate videos that promote particular products or services will raise awareness of such services, allowing your company to cast a wider marketing net, and retain loyal customers while gaining new ones. These videos should be devoid of cheesy sales pitches and messages. They should be sleek, logical and entertaining to draw the proper audience and garner the response you are looking for.

Higher Employee Retention – Corporate videos that focus on promoting corporate culture, and sharing important and exciting corporate news, have been shown to increase employee retention rates. As millennials join the workforce, the way they think about work is shifting and changing. According to recent reports, job “stability” is no longer a top priority for new works. Millennials are more interested in a corporate space that jives with their lifestyle; they are also looking for a strong corporate culture. One Inch Punch Productions can help you create the corporate message that you are looking to achieve.

More Efficient Recruitment – Even in times of recession, businesses often find themselves needing to fill spots within the office. Whether you are looking to fill a slew of entry level positions, or are looking for high-level, specialized experts, corporate videos can help to inform prospective employees about the company and the available positions. Not only can these videos increase interest in the position, but it can help to weed out candidates who are not a good fit.

A More Modern Brand Image – Brands live and die by how they are perceived. Many brands have been made by one product release that has gone off perfectly, or a trend they’ve caught onto early. Apple, for example, rose to fame with the iPod, although they had existed for decades prior to its release. The success lies in the innovation and the cutting-edge image of the brand. Corporate videos can help a company get on the forefront of new trends, and create a brand image that is innovative, technology advanced, and, perhaps most importantly, “hip”.

The Bottom Line

In today’s competitive business market, it isn’t about whether or not corporate videos are right for your business, but rather, if your business can thrive in the growing market without video integration. The proof of corporate videos efficacy is in the statistics, and, more importantly, in what the market demands.


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