The Importance of Corporate Video Production

Making sure that the quality of your corporate video production is vital for the success of your business. Today, corporate video production plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Corporate videos are used to communicate with your clientele, train employees, or announce new products and product updates. However, you must ensure that the videos are of the highest quality. That’s why it’s important to hire a company that produces corporate videos.

Corporate video production

Target Audience and Purpose

Well-crafted videos are a flexible form of media, and are being used by progressive businesses for a variety of purposes. These include:

  • Recruitment of new employees
  • Promoting “corporate culture” to keep present employees sold on their company
  • Company “promo” videos, telling the history of the business
  • Employee or management training and conferences
  • Marketing videos for your products or brand
  • Webcasts


When the company is ready to expand, the Human Resources Manager may need to implement a recruiting drive. An experienced video production team will work to understand exactly what the company needs. It could be an upbeat message targeting young graduates ambitious of success, or an informative mini documentary appealing to specialized experts.

Corporate Culture

In some competitive industries, keeping the right employees is just as important as recruiting new ones. Regular in-house corporate videos that give affirming reports on the company’s activities and promotional opportunities build team spirit and a sense of community for current employees. For this purpose and audience, an entertaining video that uses appropriate humor may work best, depending on the industry.

Company Promo

corporate video production

A promotional video that tells all about the business itself is often the first investment a company makes in media production. It can give orientation to potential employees as part of a recruitment video, or form an introductory step in a product demonstration video. A well-executed company profile video is a versatile corporate tool.

Training or Conference Videos

Corporate instructional videos can range from safety procedures to sales strategies for marketing executives. The importance of corporate video production is again highlighted for training purposes, as they can be an effective and cost-effective way to educate large groups of employees. A training video that is particularly engaging and memorable is the most efficient learning resource a company can invest in, especially when coupled with some form of interactivity such as ‘question time’.


Corporate videos are mostly used for marketing. The target audience is new and repeat customers, the purpose is to create demand, and the result desired is increased sales and revenue. The process sounds simple, but today’s viewer is not so easily persuaded as the ‘gullible housewife’ stereotype of forty years ago. In fact, modern technology has created its own dilemma: it has not only made awe-inspiring graphic effects achievable, but it has also produced a generation of ipad-carrying, internet surfing, block-buster watching consumers who know how to tune out to almost any attention-getting strategy. So getting the customer’s attention, when there are a thousand other voices trying to do the same, has become the domain of experts in the field of sales and advertising.

Of course not every marketing video is retail advertising. Business to business communication and brand awareness can be built by visual productions that inform, explain new concepts and invite response as well as motivate viewers to take action. Contemporary marketing videos more often steer away from insulting and outdated ‘cheesy’ sales pitches, and instead offer a refined, intelligent logic, consistent with the type of industry or product being showcased.


Professionally produced podcasts and webcasts can engage viewers from any location, and can even become a marketable product or subscription service in its own right.

Viewing Environment

corporate video production

Another factor that impacts on the importance of corporate video production is the intended viewing environment. Whether the company has its own media department or the video production is outsourced to studio expertise, viewing environment is the next critical consideration after purpose and audience. The environment in which the viewer is to encounter the video will determine things like length, animation, audio and message format. Common viewing environments include:

  • Internet
  • Workplace
  • Home television
  • In-flight media
  • Waiting room streaming video
  • Department store or fast food restaurant


Internet research shows that while a 30 minute how-to video on Youtube may get thousands of views, a corporate infomercial needs to be between 1- 5minutes long. The internet environment contains ‘clickable’ distractions on every webpage, so successful corporate videos should be interesting enough to capture the attention of the viewer for the entirety of the video.


A workplace meeting room with a video screen would have almost no competing distractions present, so a more lengthy or technical video may succeed here. Employees, recruits or business associates are more likely to be attentive in this environment and perceive the video as having a high degree of personal relevance.

Home Television

Daytime home television can be a relaxed environment in which to deliver a corporate message, while evening time-slots tend to be more competitive with short, aggressive marketing videos being shown to the viewers.

In-flight and Waiting Room

Viewers in these environments can be considered a ‘captive audience’ with time on their hands and little else to distract them, but that does not always mean they will be particularly receptive. Unless the video is extremely relevant, such as a promotion for a no-fee currency exchange voucher, or a proven immune system booster, viewers in these environments are going to be fairly passive and less likely to be in a buying frame of mind.

Department Store and Family Restaurant

Streaming video in these environments is designed to intercept shoppers who are already in a retail environment, and who are ready to buy. As an example, a fast food restaurant chain may be launching a new fun-but-nutritive lunch menu aimed at children, and chooses to stream a promotional video in their dining areas. In order to best match audience interest, the video production team may use authoritative dialogue and discussion on health to attract the paying parent, over a cartoon style visual sequence intended to appeal irresistibly to the child. The result is likely to be a sharp increase in sales.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Corporate Videos

Digital technology today is a great leveler in the business world. It is so accessible, and comparatively economical, that a business owner who knows exactly what he wants to say, and to what audience, can capture market share from much bigger companies simply by being savvy.

How to Source Great Corporate Videos

corporate video production

Some business owners have the expertise to produce their own videos, but this is rare. Yes, we have all heard of amateur short film award winners creating impressive videos captured on their mobile phones and edited with free online tools, but a true businessman knows that the best use of his time and money is to carefully choose a reputable production studio, and do his homework on their competence and contributions to his industry. Here are some suggestions of what to look for when looking for a video production company.

  • Client profile
  • Portfolio of video styles
  • Campaign success stories
  • Understanding your product, message and customer type
  • Good communication

Client Profile

Yes, every videographer has to start somewhere, but when business comes first, you need to engage a studio with experience and an impressive list of past and present clients. Ask which firms the studio has done work for recently, and be prepared to talk to those clients to get an objective evaluation on their level of satisfaction with the studio.

Creative Portfolio

A professional corporate video production team should be able to show you a fairly broad cross-section of their work, so that you can get some idea of the format, style and effectiveness of their art. Does the finished product resonate with you? Does it engage your emotions, tickle your funny-bone, have some ‘wow’ factor or really capture your interest? Do you feel compelled towards an action or decision? Is there a storyline that you can easily follow, or is it hard to grasp what’s happening? Is the audio clear and well mastered, and does the background music seem natural? Don’t be afraid to critically assess what you see and hear, and ask whether their business specializes in a particular format or genre of video.

Campaign Successes

At the end of the day, the real importance of corporate video production is its ability to make sales. If the studio is involved in online video work, it should be a simple matter to show viewer response and sales conversions as a direct result of the video. Although the studio may not always have access to their clients’ financial data on any given campaign, it is important that they can demonstrate evidence of measurable results.

Understanding Your Business

To do their job well, the video production team must be willing to research and find out all they can about your business: what sort of customers you aim to attract, how that customer thinks, how your products can be differentiated in the market, and what message you really want to send through your corporate video. Asking a lot of good questions and building up a clear picture of what your business wants to achieve through the video is foundational, and a good studio will take the time to get this right.

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