Toronto Corporate Video Production: What Does It Entail?

corporate video production

corporate video productionIn today’s digital age, visibility is crucial to long-term corporate success. In order to reach new heights, your company needs bold, engaging, dynamic digital content that lives online forever and gets your product or service in front of as many potential customers as possible. That is exactly where we come in.

One Inch Punch Productions (OIPP) is a Toronto corporate video production company. Our clientele includes large and small businesses, entertainers and even royalty. With over a decade of experience creating corporate, commercial and creative videos, we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted names in Toronto corporate video production and are ready to catapult your business to the next level.

Toronto Corporate Video Production

An effective, informative, engaging video can make the difference between a lukewarm marketing campaign or one that sparks massive gains for your business. Great videos have been proven to increase conversion rates, heighten consumer interest and improve brand recognition.

At OIPP, we understand what a great video can mean for your company and are determined to help you transform your corporate video vision into a reality. We have over 10 years of experience helping large and small brands communicate their message in a clear, concise and fun manner. Our skill, professionalism and creativity are the reasons clients keep coming back to our top-rated Toronto corporate video production company.

Promotional Videos

Our promotional videos combine the best aspects of your business into one explosive package of sight and sound. An effective promotional video is perfect for showcasing at a conference, building your brand on the web or showing to potential client who need a quick and clear understanding of what your brand is all about.

Our creative team has perfected the art of blending video, audio and sharp editing techniques in a masterful way that makes promotional videos stand out from the crowd and contribute considerably to your company’s success, growth and profitability.

Web Videos and Commercials

Web videos and commercials connect with visitors by giving a face to the brand. This fosters an attitude of trust that keeps visitors on your website longer and makes them more likely to make a purchase. The internet marketing benefits of web videos and commercials are virtually endless which is why more and more companies are posting new videos to their websites, YouTube channels and Facebook pages at regular intervals, usually two to four times per month. Our passionate, creative, detail-oriented crew are able to help you design, produce and market buzzworthy videos that can be rolled out multiple times a month helping you convert more visitors into customers.

Music Videos

Our clients have included some of the world’s biggest musical acts including One Direction, The Fray,, and Nelly Furtado. We also embrace new artists and smaller promoters as we can work with budgets of any size. Our Toronto corporate video production company is passionate about utilizing our rich creative resources to help musical acts showcase their talent and increase visibility through the magic of music videos.

Live Events

Capture the essence and spirit of your project by getting us to help you create a live event film. We are a team of flexible, highly-skilled professionals who can shoot anything from small budget, one-camera live event films to big arena shoots with dollies, jibs and multiple cameras. Regardless of what type of live show you are filming or where, we unconditionally guarantee a great looking high quality video produced by some of best video and audio pros in Toronto.

Documentaries and Short Films

Documentaries and short films are effective mediums for honoring, memorializing or educating audiences about an individual or organization. They are great for birthday parties, retirement parties and funerals and happen to be one of our specialties. Several OIPP short films and documentaries have won awards or been acquired by broadcast companies.

Whether you need your film written, directed, edited or are still in the idea phase, we can be of service. Our team can assist you at any stage of the production process and guarantees you a fantastic video delivered on time and on budget. Depending on your needs, we can create and deliver your video in as little as one day.

Reality TV Production

Bring your reality television show idea to life with the assistance of OIPP. We have all the production resources you need in house, so you do not have to worry about sourcing from multiple companies. Trust us to provide a professional, affordable production package that will make your show shine on the small screen.

8 Step Production Process

We follow a simple, effective eight-step production process for all of our video production services.

  • 1. Gathering Information

During this process, we will begin building a working relationship with     you by listening to your goals and figuring out how you expect our corporate videos to help you reach those goals.

  • 2. Brainstorming

This is where things start to get exciting. We will use the information you provided to start brainstorming ideas. The goal is to come up with a clear and fun way to communicate your brand message.

  • 3. Scriptwriting

During this step, we take the idea developed in Step 2, polish it and turn it into a formal script.

  • 4. Budgeting

Once the script is completed and approved, we determine an appropriate budget. Occasionally, both the budget and script will have to be systematically adjusted until the two agree.

  • 5. Pre-Production

By this stage the idea is fully solidified, and we move forward with the production process which includes shoot scheduling, storyboard creation, casting and more.

  • 6. Production

In the production stage, all actions and ideas from the proceeding steps culminate in a film shoot.

  • 7. Post-Production

Now it is time for our editors to work their magic. Narration, music, titles and graphics are added to create a rough cut. Once everything in the rough cut is working, it gets developed into a fine cut and, finally a master.

  • 8. Video Content Management and Distribution

The video is done, but our work is not over yet. The OIPP team sets to work promoting and distributing your brand new video. Whether you have decided on weekly YouTube videos, a landing page promotional video, a set of DVDs or a one-time promotional video, we will execute your campaign with the highest degree of speed and professionalism possible.

Our team knows what it takes to make your production pop. If you have a video idea or questions about our services, fill out the contact form on our website. If you already are already clear on the specifics of your project, request a quote instead.

Entrust your video production needs to the Toronto corporate video production company that has been helping clients put their best faces forward for over 10 years.

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