Why I Needed Corporate Video Services & Why You Do Too

corporate video production

corporate video productionAs the digital age grows, the undeniable value of video is becoming crystal clear. Written materials and static webpages are giving way to complex, multi-tiered marketing efforts often with a good video at the forefront.

This isn’t even addressing the other potential uses of corporate video.  Besides sales or marketing strategies, corporate videos provide a professional, direct and clear way to communicate with peers, staff and associates.

Whether you’re looking for ways to supplement in-company initiatives, flesh out your corporate culture or even add a layer of polish to events we’re going to show you how the right kind of corporate video is the perfect force multiplier.

The Importance of Corporate Video Services

The workplace has fluctuated just as drastically as the marketplace over the past decade.  Take human resources for example, standard practice used to be to flood a new hire with overwhelmingly large volumes of written training information.  Policy manuals are still standard fare, but a company’s vision, values and mission statement would be inefficiently strewn over several hundred pages.

This fails to communicate the sense of community that the company may be trying to develop.  It’s heart and soul, if you will.   Even if they got the message by reading, it’s unlikely that it will be retained.

With an effective video however, mood can be conveyed in a fraction of the time and in a way much easier to relate to.  Not only that, it saves your valuable HR staff time and countless labor hours by having them omit anything that doesn’t need to be in writing from training or manuals.

This way you’re fine tuning a new employee’s experience, or in the case of a training video, guiding your workers on how to go about a new task or position and have their attention the whole way through.  With the right video you can accomplish much more besides the obvious marketing uses.

Flexibility Is Key

There are plenty of things that a professional corporate video can do.  Chief among them is giving the public a way to take whatever message you choose, exactly the way you want it and become directly involved with you.  Straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

Something as simple as a press release or company announcement can spring to life.  There is little misinterpretation when you’ve got a well written script, beautiful imagery, and a specific tone or inflection working together in perfect harmony.

Other ways to incorporate corporate videos are:

  • Feel out your audience:  If you’re curious as to whether a new product or initiative is going to take off or not, this is a good way to test the waters.
  • Involve your audience:  Holding contests, sponsoring reviews or getting creative in any way that encourages their participation builds a kind of brand loyalty that’s hard to come by.
  •  Static on-site videos:  If you’ve got a waiting room or conference area that you want to inject a heavy dose of style and professionalism into consider a slick looping video showcasing your brand or portfolio.
  • Project presentations:  If you’ve got a large team and there’s a significant project on the horizon, this is a sure-fire way to spur your coworkers into action and inspire your group.  Gone are the days of boring spreadsheets and pie charts, lead the charge!
  • A company profile:  Consider this a business card like no other.  Whether you’re pitching clients or wanting to introduce someone to what your company is all about, a concise and well-paced video will get your message across better than any printed materials.

Some companies are a little slower to catch onto this than others and it’s starting to show.  Developing video and generating content is a great way to gain an edge in whatever market you find yourself competing in.

Your rivals may have already forgone typical advertisement in lieu of a comprehensive YouTube campaign tied into all their social media.  Their different forms of web presence reach out into the Internet and all link back to a central video.

With mobile phones steadily becoming miniature computers in our hands, the marketing opportunities are too good to pass up.  Now anyone can watch your video any time and if you’ve managed to upload one that’s trending, then you are guaranteed to reap the benefits of all the extra attention the video brings you.

These possibilities all seem great but they’re just ideas.  It’d be great if there was something concrete to act on.  Luckily, there is.

Guaranteed Results

There are some very encouraging statistics out there when it comes to videos.

Entrepreneurial resource site wamda.com has an eye opening article on some of the statistics on how videos influence marketing, decision making and customer conversions.

Other statistics from elsewhere only hammer the point home:

  • The average person views 32.5 videos a month.  Yours can easily be one of them.
  • 75% of executives watch business related videos.  65% visited the company’s website after.
  • 64% of viewers were more likely to buy a retail product after viewing a video ad for it
  • A 2010 email survey found 96% of people responding to a first time email were likely to click on a video if it was part of the sender’s message.

A Simple Way To Make An Impact

It’s clear that getting the most out of your corporate video is simply a matter of balancing resourcefulness with quality.  Finding the right people to make your videos happen is a good start.

Nowadays competition is stiff and every little bit counts. That’s why you should only go for the best corporate video production house. For more information, contact One Inch Pro.

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