One Inch Punch Productions Inc BBB Business Review
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To make an impact by helping product and tech companies reach their target audience, sell their products and surpass their business goals by using the power of entertaining and informative commercials and product videos paired with strategic distribution and sales systems.

We've been producing videos for many, many years: from event videos to corporate... music videos to concerts... Celebrity interviews to product videos... and now we're taking all this experience and distilling it into a video marketing system that helps accelerate your business.

After all those years in video production we noticed that from time to time we would see videos we produced sit there and not get the attention they deserve (in our humble opinion), so we decided to go deeper into the whole sphere of video marketing.  We know how powerful video is and if distributed correctly it can be a game changer for brands big and small.

Our system looks at the whole distribution, marketing and creative video ecosystem for your niche and builds a strategy to get more eyeballs on your product.  That's really it - get eyeballs on your product and show how much is can affect change in your customers' lives.  Video does that best because it engages on an emotional level and informs the customer quickly and easily.

If we can help a great company overcome growth obstacles so they can change the world for the better, then we feel we're doing our bit to make the world better as well.

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