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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of product video is best for my brand?

That depends greatly on what you offer, what your business goals are and what your budget is.  What we do is work with you to determine those goals, who your target client/audience is and then come up with a product video marketing plan that will best serve your end goal based on your budget.  It can look quite different from client to client, but we strive for the best plan to bring more business in your door, while making your life easier.

2. What's your onboarding process?

It’s simple.  Once we’ve agreed to work together, signed the contract and I’ve received the deposit, I send out a questionnaire to get more details about your product, business, business goals, target audience, etc.  Once the research is done on this end we come up with a product video marketing plan that we think will work to drive more sales and close more deals all within your budget.  There’s generally some back and forth at this point to work out the details - like a couple of Zoom meetings and a few emails - but after that we write scripts, cast and all that fun stuff, before going into production.

3. Do you only do product videos?

No.  Although our focus right now is product videos and any supporting videos like commercials and social media video to help you sell your products, our background is corporate video, marketing videos for services, commercials, events, music and a whole lot more (19 years in ‘the biz’... so you know, we’ve been around).  And we’re willing to do it!

4. What other types of videos do you do?

A bunch, but I like to think it’s all in relation to helping you sell your stuff and we base the decision off of that (unless you already know exactly what you want).  To help you sell your stuff we produce product videos, commercials, testimonials & case study videos, social media videos (& cut downs), VSL (Video Sales Letters), teaching courses/series and Infomercials.

5. What is your workflow for creating product videos?

Our workflow, in relation to our clients, is a step by step process so that you know what’s happening at each point.  Basically it starts with research, then ideation at which point we pitch you 3 ideas/concepts and plans, which also includes distribution ideas and strategy.  Once we settle on the product video or videos to produce, we start the scripting while also finding locations (as need be) and talent (as need be).  Then we shoot the videos and move into post production for the edit.  Every stage is signed off by the client before moving on to make sure they're completely happy as we go from stage to stage of the video production.

6. Who would be working on my product video?

Me and a small team of people (depending on the size of the project).  I oversee everything and most generally write and direct everything that comes through.  The size of the team simply depends on the scope of the project.  Sometimes I’m the only one on it if that’s feasible.  I will oversee and manage every project that goes through.

7. Who does the creative work and writes the scripts for your product videos?

Me again.  I do however have colleagues I run ideas past as well as a comedian I can use to punch up the funny in our scripts.  On top of writing numerous ads and videos for OIPP, I am also a produced playwright, screenwriter, award winning filmmaker and a ghostwriter for other production companies.

8. What kind of video equipment do you have?

We have and use all professional equipment from cameras, audio equipment, tripods, grip gear and lighting.  Currently in house we’re running Sony cinema cameras and DSLRs and have the DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone.  On higher end commercial productions we can rent RED cameras for those beautiful skin tones and highlight rolloff.

9. What’s the turnaround time for a product video or product commercial?

It varies project to project, but as a rule of thumb I say somewhere between 6 - 8 weeks for medium to large budget projects (can definitely be longer) and we’ve also turned small projects around within 2 weeks.  If the client has a specific timeline we can generally make it work, as long as it’s within reason.

10. How much does a product video cost?

Video costs are very subjective and can run into the many thousands of dollars once you start adding all the moving parts together.  I have, however, done small, quick product videos for as little as $750.  I also have ongoing, monthly video plans to help keep it predictable.  You can visit the pricing page to learn more.

11. What fees are involved in the production?

Besides the cost of equipment, labour and time there can be other fees such as location fees, insurance and permits depending on the production.

12. Do you have bulk pricing on product videos?

Yes.  The more videos we produce for you we can find ways to save on the per video cost.  During pre-production we find ways to create as many videos as possible with the time and budget we have.  We try to maximize our shoot days to get the most content out of it in a creative way so the client gets the most ‘bang for their buck’.  Reviewing our pricing page will give you a good idea of what bulk video can look like.

13. How long have you been in business?

About 19 years or so and have been working specifically on product videos for about 6 years.

14. Do you guarantee your work?

No, technically we don’t.  I can’t guarantee that after we’ve produced a $50K video and the client decides they don’t like it that I won’t charge for it as that could bankrupt us!  I do, however, guarantee that I’ll be transparent with my client at every stage of the process.  That you, the client, are happy at every moment before moving on to the next stage.  We don’t move on until you’re happy and ready.

15. What is the payment structure/schedule like?

It depends on the size of the production, but generally it goes: 25% on contract signing; 50% on or before day of production; 25% upon delivery.  For ongoing, monthly product video plans you can just pay monthly or split up every two weeks.

16. What can slow down the video production schedule?

A few things, but past experiences have shown that generally it’s the client not providing feedback fast enough that slows down the scriptwriting phase or the editing process.  Other things can be scheduling issues, postponing shoots due to weather, and location issues (like construction or power washers, ugh).

17. How many edit revisions are included in each product video or commercial?

Outlined in our contracts is 3 total edits per video for the agreed upon price.  That’s 1st according to the script, then 2 more revisions before polishing and delivery.  More edits beyond that may be subject to charge.

18. What happens in editing?  How does it all work?

Once we’ve digitized all the footage we start the editing process.  We do an assembly for each video and from there the first rough cut which is just that, rough - we rough in the edits, the music, sound effects and graphics.  That is when the client gets to see the masterpiece (to be).  Once we get feedback we’re onto the 2nd cut/revision where we make the cut tighter and implement the feedback given - we may even do a rough color correction/grade to start dialing in ‘the look’.  Then we deliver that to the client for final revisions.  The last and final Master cut is when we finalize all the feedback, do the audio sweetening (balance and mix), final graphic renders and colour grading which we call the Polish.  Then delivery in your preferred and needed formats.

19. Can we get cut-downs of a product video for more distribution options?

Yes, we often do this and actually prepare for it during pre-production.  We take 1 video idea - say a long form, 2 minute product video - and see if we can turn that into another 8 or 10 short social media product videos with minor tweaks.

20. Who owns the video and footage?

We own it until the final payment is made.  After that it’s your IP (Intellectual Property).  We can load it onto an external hard drive for you so you can keep it safe.

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