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Want to sell more products?


You know you need Product Videos for your
E-commerce store, but...

  • You can't find the time

  • You can't find the money

  • You don't have the staff

  • You don't have the expertise

Well, now you can have ongoing, easy & affordable videos for your website, online store and social media in 3 Easy Steps

What we offer:

  • Multiple, custom social media videos every month

  • 3 affordable plans and custom options to suit your needs

  • Add product stills

  • Creative, high quality videos

  • One SKU or many, it doesn't matter

  • Quick & easy onboarding process

  • Discounts on commercials, infomercials and lifestyle videos with a plan

Why Video?


People who watch a video retain 95% of the information compared to 10% from reading.


64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching a branded video on social.


72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.


89% of video marketers say video gives them a good Return on Investment (ROI).

Do the MATH and the ROI becomes clear:

So that you have an idea of how a video can increase your profits and pay for itself here is a basic scenario:

Let's say you make a profit of $10/item that you sell (after all your expenses) and you invest $1000 to create a video for that item.  The video ends up getting you an average of 5 more customers/day netting you $50 in extra profit/day.  In 20 days you've completely paid for the video and on day 21 and beyond you're making pure profit - about $18K more in a year, for a $1000 investment.  Can you afford NOT to make a video?

Of course your situation is different and you have to apply your own numbers and math, but I hope this makes it clear that video could help you grow your business.


A video can help convert, but you also need to make sure customers are being sent to watch it.

A strong marketing plan is also essential to achieve the success your video can bring to your business.

We can help you strategize a video marketing plan if you need it.

Product Video Packages

  • We produce one-off videos as well

  • All packages are customizable

  • Upgrade to how-to videos, unboxing videos, commercials or infomercials whenever you want

  • Creative/Scriptwriting

  • 1x half-day in studio shoot

  • Editing

  • Music (Rights Free)

  • Stock Video

  • Audio Mix

  • Logo Animation

  • 2 Text Graphics Call outs/video


1x 60 sec. video
4x Social Media videos

  • Creative/Scriptwriting

  • 1x full day in studio shoot

  • Editing

  • Music (Rights Free)

  • Stock Video

  • Audio Mix

  • Logo Animation

  • 4 Text Graphics Call outs/video


1x 60 sec. video
8x Social Media videos

  • Creative/Scriptwriting

  • 2x full day in studio shoot

  • Editing

  • Music (Rights Free)

  • Stock Video

  • Audio Mix

  • Logo Animation

  • Unlimited Text Graphics Call outs/video


2x 60 sec. video
20x Social Media videos

Add PRODUCT PHOTOS to your package for as little as $150!

Other Options
We offer more customization should you need it
  • 15, 30 or 60 seconds
  • Choose your background

  • Pick your preferred lighting set up

  • Pick back light colour

  • Add Voice Over

  • Pick your 'atmosphere'

  • Add your logo & text on the video

  • Add graphic 'call-outs'

  • background lights

  • set dec

  • Static shot or 360 spin

  • Wide, Medium & Close-ups shots

How It Works
Step 1:
Step 2:
  • Fill out the Form

  • Have a call so we can get more details

  • Accept the terms & contract

  • Send us your deposit & product

  • We produce your video

Step 3:
  • Review the video

  • Pay the balance

  • Receive the final video

  • Watch your sales increase

Who are we?

Why us?

We are a video production & video marketing company that has been producing corporate video, commercials and marketing videos for over 18 years.  We've traveled the world and worked with lots of Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups and small businesses.

Some clients: Shoppers Drug Mart, Bell, CBC, Astral, Axess Law, Beans & Grind, Mat Metrics, Staples, Get Ready Global and many, many more.


We love to see our clients succeed using the power of video and take pride in everything we produce.  We understand that making pretty pictures is just the start of effect video production & marketing, it's the heart & passion behind it that takes it to the next level.

We work closely with our clients to deliver a product & service that exceeds their expectations and drives sales so they can grow their companies.  Your success IS our success - as cliche as that is.

Some of our happy clients say this...

Gigi Farrell, DockHinge

Adam is wonderful to work with. Very professional, creative and easy going. His work helped catapult our brand into a much higher stratusphere. On set he is so confident and his experience really shows in the final product. And Adam is such a delight to work with. Responsive, kind & generous. A truly solid partner.
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