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5 Laughably Easy Ways to Ace Your Amazon Product Videos for Ecommerce Sellers

Product Videos are the most powerful marketing weapon in the arsenal of Amazon Sellers. They give you a crucial edge over your competitors. Amazon is a very competitive competitive marketplace. To set your product apart from a sea of competitors, invest in engaging product videos. They are proven to improve your ROI. Here I share 5 simple tips to create effective demo videos for your products.
Amazon Product Video Tips and Tricks


If selling products on Amazon was an adventurous and challenging video game, product videos would be that secret power-up you stumbled upon in a hidden level. This mighty power-up doesn't just upgrade your weaponry—it propels you into a different league altogether! Product videos on Amazon are more than just another selling tool—they're the glimmering Excalibur in your digital marketing armory.

So, strap in, as we delve into five fun-filled, yet stunningly effective strategies to make your Amazon product videos so compelling, they'd give Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster a run for its money.


1. Spotlight Your Product's 'Superpowers'

Every product, no matter how mundane it may seem, possesses a unique "superpower", its Unique Selling Proposition (USP). These could range from a coffee mug that keeps your espresso steaming hot for hours to a pair of socks so comfortable they feel like walking on a fluffy cloud. Your product's USP is its identity, setting it apart from the competition. It's the Harry Potter amidst a sea of Muggles in the wizarding world of Amazon products.

In your product videos, these superpowers need to take center stage, illuminating how they enrich your customers' lives. Remember, people are not merely buying products, they are purchasing solutions to their problems and pathways to enhanced experiences. By highlighting these superpowers, you are not only selling your product but also telling a story of transformation—much like Peter Parker's journey from an everyday student to Spider-Man.


2. Embrace Brevity and Engagement: Spielberg Style

The digital realm is an ironic place where time expands and contracts simultaneously. On one hand, users spend hours mindlessly scrolling through content, while on the other hand, they decide within seconds whether they want to engage with a specific piece of content or not. In this paradoxical landscape, your product videos must strike a balance between being informative and engaging, while also being concise.

Consider yourself the Spielberg of product videos, striving for that optimal run-time sweet spot that keeps your viewers hooked. HubSpot suggests that the magic number for maximum viewer engagement is around two minutes. Your video must encapsulate the essence of your product, its USPs, and its potential impact on the viewer's life—all within this short timeframe.

Start with a captivating hook, something that grabs the viewer's attention quicker than a plot twist in a thriller movie. This could be an intriguing question, a surprising fact, or a relatable problem. Next, maintain a brisk pace throughout your video—each second should add value and drive the narrative forward. Wherever possible, use visuals, graphics, and animations to make your message more digestible and enjoyable.


3. The Scorsese of Quality Control

Product videos are like the virtual ambassadors of your brand on Amazon—they are the first point of contact between your product and potential customers. As such, they need to exude a high degree of professionalism and quality. Would you watch "The Wolf of Wall Street" if it were blurry and had terrible sound? Absolutely not! So, why would anyone be interested in a low-quality product video? The quality of your video reflects the quality of your brand.

Embrace your inner Scorsese when it comes to the quality of your Amazon product videos. Invest in good lighting and high-resolution video equipment. Good lighting is crucial—it can transform an ordinary shot into a stunningly beautiful one, enhancing the visual appeal of your product. High-resolution video equipment ensures that your product is showcased in all its glory, highlighting every detail and feature.

Don't overlook the audio either. A good video with poor audio quality is like a stunning painting smeared with dirt—it loses its charm. Make sure the voiceover and background music are clear and crisp. Use a good quality microphone, and try to record in a quiet place to avoid background noise.

Lastly, a top-notch video editing software or professional editing service can make a world of difference. It can help you stitch together your video clips in a coherent, visually appealing way, add special effects, include text overlays, and adjust the lighting and color balance.


4. Harness the Force of a Strong Call-to-Action

Once you've captured your viewers' attention with your beautifully shot, engaging video, the next step is to guide them towards the desired action. Just like a Jedi uses the force to guide his actions and achieve his goals, your product video needs a strong Call-to-Action (CTA) to convert viewers into customers.

Your CTA should be as clear as Yoda's wisdom, as straightforward as Luke Skywalker's mission, and as persuasive as Obi-Wan's Jedi mind tricks. It should tell the viewer precisely what to do next—whether it's buying the product, visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, or sharing the video with friends.

Phrases like "Buy now to enjoy free galaxy-wide shipping" or "Click here to access this limited-time treasure trove" provide the viewers with compelling reasons to take the desired action. Place your CTA at the end of the video, making sure it's visually prominent and verbally persuasive.


5. The Cycle of Testing, Tweaking, and Triumph

Success, dear seller, lies not in never failing, but in rising every time your product videos don't perform as expected. The journey of creating effective product videos is a cycle of testing, analyzing, tweaking, and eventually triumphing. It's like fine-tuning a race car—you keep adjusting different parts until you achieve the perfect performance.

Amazon provides sellers with an array of analytics tools. They are like your pit crew in the race, providing valuable data about video views, engagement, conversion rates, click-through rates, and more. These insights can help you understand what's resonating with your viewers and what's not.

Use these insights as a map to navigate the complex terrain of Amazon product videos. If a particular video isn't performing well, identify the possible reasons—is it too long? Is the quality not up to the mark? Is the CTA not compelling enough? Based on your analysis, tweak your videos and test them again. This continuous process of testing, tweaking, and learning is your surefire path to success.

In conclusion, creating successful Amazon product videos requires a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, technical expertise, and a dash of humor. By embracing these five entertaining yet effective strategies, you'll be well on your way to making your product videos the superstar of your Amazon product page, charming customers, and driving sales like never before. So, here's to your success as an Amazon seller—may your product videos shine brighter than the brightest star in the Amazon galaxy!

So Chris Nolan or Spielberg won’t help you with your product video, but we will! Should you need that help just go HERE and we can chat about the options we provide. No pressure.


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